Hi! I'm Ferdinand

An aspiring

Product Manager,

I’m currently a 1st year undergraduate

student @BINUS majoring in Computer


Fun facts about me!

  1. In my free time, I like to stay active by playing tennis and table tennis.

  1. I have a keen interest in reading, particularly when it comes to Medium articles related to User-experience, Human & Computer Interaction, Product Management, and the Stock Market

  1. Recently, I joined the Hapkido club at my university. Hapkido is a martial art that emphasizes self-defense techniques, and I find it a really great way to stay active while learning new skills.



TikTok and Our Attention Span

In recent years TikTok has emerged to become one of the most leading
social platforms, with over a whopping 1,05 billion monthly active users.

Highlighted Skills

Create PRDs


Microsoft Office

UI/UX Design